In the third edition of the Translation Program, FLAD chose seven books proposed by publishers to support their translation. Among them is the translation into English of the complete work of Álvaro de Campos, by Fernando Pessoa, and the translation to Portuguese of Harlem Shuffle, by Colson Whitehead, winner of two Pulitzer Prizes.

FLAD held in October the 3rd edition of its competition for the translation of literary works. This program aims to support national publishers, helping to enable works by American authors who would not otherwise reach Portuguese bookstores and promote Portuguese authors in the United States.

With the result of this edition, there are already 18 works that FLAD is supporting in its translation.

This is a regular contest, which takes place twice a year. The next edition takes place between 1 and 31 May 2022.

Selected works:


Book: Complete Work by Álvaro de Campos
Author: Fernando PessoaPublisher
: Tinta da China

Synopsis: Poetry and prose gathered for the first time in one volume. Álvaro de Campos’ work is at the heart of the historical avant-garde, modern lyric poetry and the pessoana work, taken together. Álvaro de Campos is attributed to the great sensacionista odes, some of the greatest lyric-dramatic poems of Portuguese literature and the Notes for the memory of my master Caeiro, which should accompany the first volume of the works gathered projected by Pessoa: the Complete Poems of Alberto Caeiro. Paradoxically, Pessoa attributed his main works to the heteronimos and semi-heteronimos, giving Campos the Triumphal Ode, the Tobacconist and the secular hagiography of Caeiro. Campos also wrote letters and incendiary warnings, gave interviews and responded to inquiries, and infiltrated Pessoa’s life and work. It is as if Álvaro de Campos emerged to fulfill a plan that Fernando Pessoa had announced in 1915: Portugal needs an indisciplinaror.


Book: The Secondary Messengers
Author: Clara Pinto CorreiaPublisher
Water Watch

Synopsis: A “highly heterodox historical novel”, as it walks halfway between fiction and the history of science, a perfect blend for a biologist novelist. We have on the one hand the story of a professor at Stanford University and on the other stories of monsters of various species, which would have appeared in various places, and which were told in fly leaves, distributed by the city of Lisbon, in the early eighteenth century, and where many saw a harbinger of great misfortune, the earthquake that in 1755 struck the Portuguese capital. Chuck, the teacher, lives the anguish of those who investigate: many questions and few answers; until one day it comes to such sheets (included in the book along with the drawings of the monsters), which will accompany you to the end of the story. Says Clara Pinto Correia, in an interview with “Vision”: “The history of science is also about monsters. Everyone who studies the history of knowledge studies monster literature. This book is fundamentally a book about God. And science is just a question-and-answer machine.”



Book: The Devastation of Silence
Author: João ReisPublisher

Synopsis: The Great War plagued Europe in the early 20th century. A captain of the Expeditionary Corps Portuguese finds himself in a German prison camp, without documents attesting to his rank of officer, obliged to share the life and fate of his poorest countrymen. He is hungry, he hears constant detonations, he observes, he dreams, he seeks meaning for everything around him, he tries to finish the account of a strange story about German scientists and voice recordings, desperately seeks silence and, above all, the peace of simple things.


Book: Harlem Shuffle
Author: Colson WhiteheadPublisher
Penguim Random House

Synopsis: The winner of two Pulitzer Prizes for best novel returns with another masterpiece of modern literature. Harlem Shuffle is the story of a plot in 1960s Harlem, a family saga masquerading as a criminal romance, a social soap opera about race and power, and, above all, a love letter to Harlem.

Book: Winter Recipes from The Collective
Author: Louise GlückPublisher
Water Clock Editors

Synopsis: The thirteenth book by the 2020 Nobel Prize-winning poet and one of her most captivating.


Book: Person: a Biography
Author: Richard ZenithPublisher
Quetzal Editores – Bertrand Editora

Synopsis: Almost a century after his death, Fernando Pessoa remains one of the most enigmatic writers. The man who believed he could achieve more in dreams than Napoleon, and who created dozens of heeronimos under which he wrote works in Portuguese, English and French, is portrayed and immortalized in this work by Richard Zenith.


Book: One of Ours
Author: Willa CatherEditora
Sibila Publications

Synopsis: Winner of the 1923 Pulitzer Prize, One of Ours is a novel that explores the life of Claude Wheeler, a Nebraska native and grandson of the pioneers, an idealist who discovers his fate as the country enters World War I. It is a portrait of the American psyche, at the same time skeptical and romantic, restless and heroic.