The pandemic has brought us enormous challenges, but it has also worsened inequalities. It led the most vulnerable to be even more exposed to the physical, social, emotional, and economic effects of this virus.

It is up to us, as a Portuguese Foundation, to play an active role in answering society’s needs, in particular in supporting those who need it most.

This first step has been taken alongside organizations that develop significant work within their communities, in different areas.

Learn more about the mission of the institutions we are supporting and find out how you can help.

Comunidade Vida e Paz: 26.000 euros for a new Centre in Olaias

This is an essential support of FLAD to an IPSS with 32 years of experience in (re)building the lives of homeless people.

FLAD supports six APAV Victim Support Rooms

These rooms in the Azores, Lisbon, Porto, Vila Real and Setúbal are the entryway for victims of a crime when seeking help from APAV.

Novo Futuro: 25 years helping children and young people at risk

FLAD has decided to support the institution that works with children and young people who are victims of repeated abuse, abuse and neglect. More details here.

CASA: 365 days a year helping those who need it most

From the Dalai Lama's inspiration to the streets of the country's biggest cities, 365 days a year, helping those who need it most.

União Audiovisual

The union and mutual help of a group of colleagues led to this national support network, which currently helps 340 families on a regular basis.

FLAD donates 250,000 euros to 10 institutions

This support aims to help institutions working with vulnerable groups, especially those affected by the pandemic.