Feast. Fury. Femina.

Works from FLAD's Collection

The exhibition Feast. Fury. Femina. – Works from FLAD´s Collection marks the Luso-American Development Foundation´s 35th anniversary and is almost exclusively composed of works by Portuguese artists. Feast. Fury. Femina. is the largest exhibition ever organized using the Foundation´s collection – it contains 228 pieces selected by the curators António Pinto Ribeiro and Sandra Vieira Jürgens, from the 1000 which make up the collection.

The exhibition – a co-production between FLAD and the EDP Foundation/MAAT – is part of a vast archive launched in 1986, comprised mostly of drawings, and includes painting, photography, and sculpture. These works establish dialogues and tensions, invoke diverse socio-historic frameworks, and represent the Portuguese artistic scene since the 80s, as well as a generation of artists that values interdisciplinarity.

Three axes emerge from the collection to name this exhibition. Feast. Fury. Femina. they are in dialogue with each other and generate ideologies: they celebrate the collection, evoke the performative dimension inherent to contemporary artistic practices and highlight the feminine dimension, demanding a renewed look upon Art History, which so neglected female artists.

The end of 2019 and the year 2020 mark a return to the acquisition of works by FLAD, and the cataloging of, and tending to, the Contemporary Art Collection, creating a database in collaboration with Sistemas do Futuro. On show will be more than 25 of these recently acquired pieces, in line with the concept of transversality, which the exhibition intends to showcase.


Feast. Fury. Femina. now available in a virtual exhibition

From today you can visit our exhibition in an immersive online experience and with more information about the 228 artworks of 61 artists.

Debate: What moves a contemporary art collector?

See here in full the conversation with collectors António Cachola, José Correia de Lima and José Carlos Santana Pinto. An initiative of FLAD and MAAT.


Between the 10/10/2020 and 23/01/2021, visit the exhibition with a guided tour by Carlos Carillho and Cristina Campos, at the Central Tejo from MAAT.

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Alberto Carneiro

Álvaro Lapa

Ana Hatherly

Ana Jotta

Ana Marchand

Ana Romãozinho

Ângela Ferreira

Ângelo de Sousa

António Areal

António Palolo

António Poppe

António Sena

Bárbara Assis Pacheco

Carla Cabanas

Dealmeida Esilva

Eduardo Batarda

Fernando Calhau


Helena Almeida

João Onofre

João Queiroz

Joaquim Bravo

Jorge Martins

Jorge Molder

Jorge Pinheiro

Jorge Queiroz

José Escada

José Loureiro

José Luis Neto

José Pedro Croft

Julião Sarmento

Júlio Pomar

Lourdes Castro

Luísa Correia Pereira

Manuel João Vieira

Manuel Rosa

Margarida Lagarto


Michael Biberstein

Miguel Branco

Nuno Nunes-Ferreira

Paula Rego

Paulo Brighenti

Pedro Cabrita Reis

Pedro Calapez

Pedro Casqueiro

Pedro Portugal

Peter Proença

Pedro Sousa Vieira

Rosa Carvalho

Rui Chafes

Rui Moreira

Rui Patacho

Rui Sanches

Rui Vasconcelos

Ruy Leitão

Sara Bichão

Sara Chang Yan

Vítor Pomar



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Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology

22 September 2020 → 25 January 2021

Visiting hours:
Wednesday to Monday
11:00 am → 7:00 pm

Entry: 5 €

Discounts: + 64 years | 11 – 18 years | MAAT Card | Unemployed | Student (+18 years) | EDP Group Employees

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Exhibition Credits


António Pinto Ribeiro e/and Sandra Vieira Jürgens 

Production coordination 

Vítor Alves Brotas | Agência 25 

Curatorial Support 

Filipa da Rocha Nunes 


Clélia Luiz, Rui Vallêra 

Exhibition design 

Curators and atelier-do-ver  

3D Project 

Carolina Machado e/and atelier-do-ver 




J.C. Sampaio 


Maria Torrada 

Conservation and restoration 

NEON Art Conservation 


Galeria Vera Cruz  




Innovarisk Lda. / Hiscox  


Elsa Vieira 


António José Massano 

Communication and press relations 

Inês Lampreia, Liliana Valpaços, Mariana Nunes, Natacha Costa, Nuno Martins  

Cultural Mediation  

Carlos Carrilho, Cristina Campos 

Graphic identity 


Communication design, webdesign and video 


Photographic Coverage 

Joana Linda  

Collection’s Photographic Registry  

João Monteiro e/and João Neves 


FLAD e/and MAAT 


Many thanks, for their continued collaboration, to the Serralves Foundation, custodian of several works from FLAD’s Collection. 



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