Fiction 2019, 83′
03/05 Fri | 7:00pm | Sala 3


Directed by Andrew Ahn

Written by Hannah Bos, Paul Thureen

Photography by Ki Jin Kim

Cast Hong Chau, Brian Dennehy, Lucas Jaye

Berlin (Official Selection) (2019)



Following her sister’s death, Kathy goes on a trip with Cody, her shy and introverted eight-year old son, to deal with the house she inherited and wants to sell. While Kathy slowly realizes how little she knew about her sister, from whom she was estranged a long time ago, Cody develops an improbable friendship with Del (Brian Dennehy, in one of his final roles), a widowed Korean War veteran who lives next door. With the help of some notable performances, Driveways is a miracle of subtlety; a film about loneliness and difference, and the faith in goodness as a balsam for any kind of pain.