It Felt Like Love

Fiction, 2013, 82’
08/04 Sex 21h00

Directed by Eliza Hittman
Written by Eliza Hittman
Cinematography by Sean Porter
Cast Gina Piersanti, Ronen Rubinstein, Giovanna Salimeni

Sundance, Rotterdam (Official Selection) (2013)


During an uneventful summer on the outskirts of Brooklyn, Lila, a lonely fourteen-year-old, turns her attentions to Sammy, an older thug she sees at Rockaway beach. Wanting something to brag about, she weaves a story about him, and becomes fixated on seeing it come true. During her sexual quest, Lila turns from predator to prey. The degree of intimacy and empathy with which Eliza Hittman films her characters, does not conceal how painful the discovery of sex can be.