Nights And Weekends

Fiction, 2008, 80’
06/12 Mon 21h30

Directed Greta Gerwig, Joe Swanberg
Written by Greta Gerwig, Joe Swanberg
Cinematography by Matthias Grunsky, Benjamin Kasulke
Cast Greta Gerwig, Joe Swanberg, Jay Duplass, Lynn Shelton, Kent Osborne

SXSW (Official Selection) (2008)


Mattie and James are in love. However, too many mornings and too many miles between them begin to leave their mark. Though they battle against the distance between New York and Chicago, their visits become reminders of the difficulties,not the pleasures, of the relationship. After collaborating on “Hannah Takes the Stairs”, Swanberg and Greta Gerwig join forces again — this time with both simultaneously in front and behind the camera — for an intimate portrait of conjugality, mutual desire and emotional vulnerability. “Nights and Weekends” is perhaps one of the first masterpieces of independent cinema from early in the millennium.