From no Budget to Netflix

Joe Swanberg

DEC 7th, 5 pm

Grande Auditório
Faculdade de Belas-Artes, Universidade de Lisboa

*In English, without translation

Joe Swanberg will introduce and answer questions from the audience during the screenings of his films:

Nights and Weekends (6/12, 21h30)All the Light in the Sky (dia 7/12, 21h30)

An overview of Swanberg’s career since starting with his very small original films for a few thousand dollars each to selling a TV series to Netflix with the same techniques.

Joe Swanberg is the writer and director of twenty feature films, including “Drinking Buddies”, “Happy Christmas”, “Digging for Fire” and “Win It All”. His latest, “Build the Wall”, was released for free on Vimeo in 2020. As an actor he has appeared in the horror calssics “You’re Next” and the original V/H/S, for which he also directed one of the segments. He created the Netflix original series “Easy”, which ran for three seasons from 2016-2019 and consisted of 25 episodes which he wrote and directed all of. He has also directed episodes of HBO’s “Looking” and Netflix’s “Love”. He lives in Chicago and runs a VHS video store and microcinema called Analog.