Não perca Andrew Baker em conferência na FLAD: “Combating Antisemitism in the face of rising populism”

Inscreva-se já, não perca a oportunidade de ouvir o Rabbi Andrew Baker na conferência “Combating Antisemitism in the face of rising populism: New challenges on both sides of the Atlantic”. Dia 20, entre as 17h00 e as 19h00, no Auditório da FLAD. As inscrições são limitadas e devem ser enviadas para o email fladport@flad.pt até ao próximo dia 16.

“Anti-Semitism, sometimes referred to as the world’s oldest hatred, has frequently been considered a bell-weather predicting other waves of racism and intolerance. It has adapted and mutated over time and place, equally rooted in countries with large Jewish communities and those with none. In present times we have witnessed lethal attacks on Jews in Europe and now in America. How we understand anti-Semitism and how successful we are in combating it will also say something about the future of our liberal democracies”.

Rabbi Andrew Baker

As Director of International Jewish Affairs, Rabbi Baker is responsible for AJC’s network of relationships with Jewish communities throughout the Diaspora and addressing the accompanying issues and concerns. He has been a prominent figure in international efforts to combat anti-Semitism and in addressing Holocaust-era issues in Europe.

In January 2009 he was appointed the Personal Representative of the OSCE Chairperson-in Office on Combating Anti-Semitism and has been reappointed in each successive year. The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, an intergovernmental body of 57 nations headquartered in Vienna, has become a central arena for addressing the problems of a resurgent anti-Semitism. As a special envoy for the OSCE, Rabbi Baker has taken up the issue with senior officials in over a score of European capitals.

He has played an active role in pressing governments to confront the legacy of the Holocaust. He was a member of Government Commissions in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania and Romania that were established to examine Holocaust-era history and address the claims of its victims. He is co-chair of the Lithuanian Good Will Foundation and a long-time officer of the Jewish Claims Conference.

Rabbi Baker directed AJC efforts in the development of the Belzec Memorial and Museum, a joint project of AJC and the Polish Government on the site of the former Nazi death camp in Southeastern Poland.

For his diplomatic work in Europe, Rabbi Baker has been decorated by the Presidents of Germany (2003), Lithuania (2006), Latvia (2007) and Romania (2009).

He is a past President of the Washington Board of Rabbis and the Interfaith Conference of Washington. He served as a congregational rabbi in Chicago and a chaplain at San Quentin Prison in California.

Rabbi Baker received his undergraduate degree from Wesleyan University and rabbinic ordination from HUC-JIR in New York.