Rita Faden, the president of FLAD, sits with the president of the Azores Regional Government, Vasco Cordeiro: “A permanent communication and collaboration channel is now open”

Rita Faden, the president of the board of directors and the executive board of the Luso-American Development Foundation (FLAD), met with the president of the Azores Regional Government Vasco Cordeiro on Wednesday, 20th of March.

According to the president of FLAD, “An open channel of communication and collaboration was established” between FLAD and the government of Azores: “It was an excellent opportunity to come to Azores to present my compliments to the president of the Azores Regional government in the initial phase of my term heading the executive board of FLAD”, said Faden.

Rita Faden also stated that, during the meeting, “the main priorities and the main possibilities of collaboration with the regional government of Azores” were addressed, “confirming that FLAD has a special attention to the Azores.” She added that: “We will continue to work, there are a few projects in progress that we will follow-up with- and we will also work together to understand what are the focal areas of investment and collaboration that FLAD and the Regional Government of Azores – as well as the region of Azores as whole – should have.

Scientific cooperation, the University of Azores and the assistance to the luso-descendant  community.

Among the areas pointed out to the journalists by the president of FLAD, the “scientific cooperation” is comprised, as well as the support to universities with the creation of “cooperation partnerships with the University of Azores”.

Even so, said Rita Fade, the great priority still is “everything correlated to the relationship with the communities in the USA, given that the big majority is of azorian ascendance”. Moreover: “It’s an important cooperation that FLAD has looked forward to maintain with the luso-descendant communities in the USA throughout the years.” And concluded: “I’m positive that we will have many opportunities to continue to work together”.