Rita Faden, the President of FLAD, present at the Atlantic Strategy Group

Rita Faden, the President of the Luso-American Development Foundation (FLAD), was present at the Atlantic Strategy Group (ASG), a transatlantic conference that gathered several international experts and entities between the 20th and 22nd of February in Rabat, capital of Morocco, which topic was “The Wider Atlantic Economy: An Integrated Space at Risk?”.

The Atlantic Strategy Group, aims to strengthen the ability of Northern and Southern Atlantic countries to assess common challenges and to achieve common goals. Promoted by the German Marshall FundOCP Policy Center with the cooperation of FLAD, the fourth edition of the ASG sheds light on the Atlantic economic interdependence, at a time where globalization and free trade are under increasing pressure.

According to Rita Faden, “it’s an opportunity to discuss with participants from different countries, the challenges and opportunities that can arise within an enlarged cooperation area in the Atlantic. To Flad, the reinforcement of the transatlantic cooperation is obviously crucial, and that’s the reason why we are associated partners in the organization of the Atlantic Strategy Group “

The implications go way beyond prosperity in its narrow sense, as there are potential repercussions that affect safety and migratory flows. There is a lot at stake given the profound economic connection between the Atlantic basin societies.