Read the new issue of WE Magazine: Mia Couto presides over the jury for the Eduardo Costley-White Award

CapaWEThe Luso-American Development Foundation’s WE Magazine is now available online and reveals that the Mozambican writer Mia Couto will preside over the jury for the Eduardo Costley-White Award recognizing new writers from Portuguese-speaking African Countries (PALOP).

WE Magazine’s first half of 2016 issue singles out the Luso-American Legislators’ Dialogue II, that took place on the 20th and 21st of April. Twelve American elected legislators of Portuguese origin as well as Portuguese politicians and political leaders took part in the event.

This FLAD initiative aims creating of a network of Luso-descendent politicians from various American states, in order to make them more aware of Portugal’s issues as well as facilitating contacts at a higher level.

Writing about this event, as he attended the closing lunch, Deputy Prime Minister Eduardo Cabrita stated “the globalization of the modern age shows that we are all partners in this unique journey of Mankind. And if in the past we set out in search for a New World, we set out today in search of a New Time”.

In his editorial, FLAD’s President Vasco Rato refers to the newly launched “Guide to the Internationalization of the United States of America” that “relied on valuable contributions and insight from Nova School of Business and Economics”. The Guide is meant to “help prepare a growing number of Portuguese companies to face the US market”.

Vasco Rato reminded us that “FLAD exists to continuously promote more and better relations between Portugal and the US, whether through education and teaching, culture and science, technology or improving closer economic and commercial relations between both sides of the Atlantic”.

Among other subjects, the current issue of WE Magazine tells us all about FLAD’s activities such as the Startup Acceleration Program Braga/FLAD, the Study in Portugal Network, two protocols signed with the University of Minho and the recently created ‘California Portuguese-American Coalition’, a Luso-American coalition.