“Papers@USA Grants” 2017

Grants to support oral presentations of conference papers in the USA

This program aims at supporting the internationalization of scientific knowledge produced in Portugal. Posters presentations will not be accepted.

The individual applicants to the Grants for the Presentation of Papers in Conferences in the United States must meet the following conditions:

  • Holding Portuguese Nationality or being residents in Portugal;
  • Being proficient in English;
  • Being PhD students, lecturers or researchers at Portuguese institutions of higher education and/or research centers;
  • Holding proof of acceptance of the paper by the conference organizers (this document can be sent within 30 days following the close of the call to fladport@flad.pt);
  • Holding a recommendation letter from the Portuguese Institution to which the applicant is bonded to, supporting the participation in the conference for the oral presentation of the paper.

Travel grants awarded up to a maximum amount of 1.200 Euros.

How to apply
Applications must be made via an online form, available through the online application system. Apply here (https://si.flad.pt)

Deadlines for applications

Conferences in the USA beginning:

January 2017: Applications until September 30, 2016
February 2017: Applications until October 31, 2016
March 2017: Applications until November 30, 2016
April 2017: Applications until December 31, 2016
May 2017: Applications until January 31, 2017
June 2017: Applications until February 28, 2017
July 2017: Applications until March 31, 2017
August 2017: Applications until April 30, 2017
September 2017: Applications until May 31, 2017
October 2017: Applications until June 30, 2017
November 2017: Applications until July 31, 2017
December 2017: Applications until August 31, 2017

The results will be published 60 days after the submissions deadline.