“Mozambique, the right to happiness” – read the article by Bruno Ventura published in the Mozambique daily newspaper “O País”

Bruno Ventura Director of the Luso-American Development Foundation

Bruno Ventura
Director of the Luso-American Development Foundation

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.
Thomas Jefferson, The Declaration of Independence

There is a human subject that does not fit in any justifying approach of cultural relativism and that is individual freedom. It is an inalienable aspiration of any man as a citizen, and does not belong as property to any country.

There are several examples of this fact, such as the fight against slavery, the conquest of women’s right to vote, or the several “walls” that mankind was able to put an end to by implementing democracy.

Furthermore, countries with a higher level of economic and human development are those where democracy and free enterprise have been thriving for years.

Fortunately, in Mozambique there are more organizations in that stand for democracy and freedom as categorical imperatives. A wealthy country both in natural and in human resources, Mozambique must bring together its high levels of economic growth and progress as it relates to human development. We are all aware that natural wealth may be a limited resource if it is not supported by people that are committed to building a democratic society with an open economy.

Young people in Mozambique are an undeniable strength. Knowing that about half the total population in the country is between 15 to 64 years old is also and added value of hope for the future of this country.

This is the first generation in the history of Mozambique that will vote having already been born in a Democracy – that is, after the free election in 1994. It is a generation that was not alive during the war for independence, that did not know the civil war, nor the one-party system. It is a generation that grewup with the right to choose, freedom of expression and the right to vote.

Because of this, Mozambique is also an example that democracy, when it is not a form of government, is a cause, and that freedom, when it is not a right, is something to hope for.

It is important to mention that the expectations of the younger generations as they relate to human development, education and job growth can only be realized if we keep as top priorities the maintenance of Peace and the strengthening of democracy.

These are the demands that are put before the current leaderships. For this alone, the Luso-American Development Foundation has been actively cooperating with organizations of the civil society in the CPLP countries, particularly in Mozambique.

The Youth Parliament of Mozambique is one of these examples. It is an organization that is involved in dealing with important matters in the country, such as the citizen’s role in the municipal government, a debate that took place in Maputo, on March 24th and 25th.

As a politically independent organization, the Youth Parliament of Mozambique was honored by the Pan-African Youth Network on Culture of Peace “PAYNCOP” (established with the UNESCO and the African Union support) for its successful intervention for Peace and Democracy in Africa in 2015.

These are right values in the right moment, with the right people with whom FLAD is happy to work.  When we look at these fine examples we know that Mozambique has what it takes to be happy.

First published in the Mozambique daily newspaper “O País”.