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Let’s Talk About Business is a Luso-American Development Foundation (FLAD) program which is directed to the Portuguese and Luso-Americans living in the US. This program is aimed at people looking for an opportunity to create their own company, and to acquire training and education in the field of business innovation; as well as entrepreneurs wishing to affirm themselves and grow their businesses sustainably in the US market. The initiative has three main components: Workshops; a Mentoring Network; and a study of encompassing professionals from different fields of knowledge and successful experience directed to the Portuguese community of entrepreneurs in the US. In short, it is a multifaceted and innovative program which aims to add value to entrepreneurs and all those who seek to start an entrepreneurial activity, enriching the economy and the societies in which they live in. It also aims to provide working knowledge of entrepreneurship to young people of different academic fields seeking to create their own job. The program intends to make available to this segment a comprehensive array of hard and soft skills which are vital in the current business world.

The workshops will be facilitated by Carmen Monereo, the coordinator of FLAD LET’S TALK ABOUT BUSINESS | 2018′ Program.

Carmen has extensive experience in the business sector. She is a consultant, mentor, manager, and a specialist in marketing and communications. Her passion is to teach how to effectively transform the passion for a business, and to share her vast experience in the business field. She has extensive experience as a trainer in the area of management and entrepreneurship. Carmen has worked in companies from several sectors namely: Banking, Telecommunications, Social Entrepreneurship, Training and Consulting, and also as a mentor for the creation of successful small and medium enterprises. Carmen Monereo holds a degree in Management, a master’s degree in communication from the Catholic University of Lisbon, and is currently a researcher at Universidade Nova de Lisboa. Carmen coordinates and teaches training programs for executives in Portugal and Portuguese Speaking Countries, as Angola and Cape Verde.

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Let's Talk About Business