Grants for Research Internships in the USA – 2015

BrownbySarahAshby-3Grants for research internships in the USA that last one or two semesters.

Grants for internships for the duration of an academic semester (four months) or two academic semesters (8 or 9 months) in the following areas:
Natural and Exact Sciences
Engineering and Technologies
Medical and Health Sciences
Agricultural Sciences
Social Sciences

The Luso-American Foundation, anticipating the growth of the academic and scientific community, is opening a grant competition for Internship grants, aimed at financing internships in universities and research companies in the USA. These internships should focus on innovative scientific or technological matters, and they should also contribute to bringing Portuguese and American institutions closer together to promote a network of contacts between the two countries, therefore making it easier for institutional partnerships to move forward.

Benefits of FLAD grant for internships in the United States

Funding of up to the maximum €1,500 per month. The amount will be awarded by the Luso-Americana Foundation based on the analysis of the cost estimate presented by the applicant and on the cost of living indicators in the region. Individual or institutional applications will be considered, according to the requirements described below.

For individual applications for FLAD grants for internships in the USA, candidates must:

  • Have Portuguese nationality or be a resident in Portugal;
  • Have concluded their undergraduate studies;
  • Have fluency in the English language;
  • Have a Masters degree or a PhD degree, be a teacher or a researcher at a Portuguese university and/or a research center;
  • Submit proof that the host institution agrees to the project and dates of stay;
  • Present two letters of recommendation from the Portuguese institution supporting the project presented in the grant project;
  • Provide a detailed expense budget including sources of financing that you have applied for or that will apply for your stay in the USA.

In the case of institutional applications, coming from higher education and/or research institutions or non-governmental and non-profit organizations, the name of the person and of the department/university/institute in charge must be enclosed.

How to apply: The application must be submitted online, through FLAD’s online application system.

Apply here (


Projects starting between January 1 and June 30:
– Applications received until October 30 of the previous year
– Results announced by December 31 of the previous year

Projects starting between July 1 and December 31:
– Applications received until April 30 in the same year
– Results announced by June 30 in the same year