FLAD/IPRI – UNL Scholarship

imagesNN7ZRVMYFLAD/IPRI-UNL Post-Doctorate Program – awarding 1 research scholarship

The FLAD/IPRI-UNL Post-Doctorate Program is a program of the Luso-American Development Foundation and the Portuguese Institute of International Relations of the New University of Lisbon, and aims at encouraging and developing scientific research studies in the fields of international relations, foreign policy and diplomacy, that contribute to promoting transatlantic relationships.

This scholarship is aimed at Portuguese nationals or foreigners residing in Portugal, who hold PhD’s from accredited schools, who excelled in their fields of study, and who wish to develop research projects in association with IPRI-UNL. In 2015, the scholarship will be awarded to one research project that lasts for a minimum period of six months and the maximum of one year. The research project will necessarily be developed in the scope of IPRI-UNL.

The scholarship will start on November 2nd, 2015.

The jury will be composed by: Professor Nuno Severiano Teixeira, PhD (Director IPRI-UNL), Professor Vasco Rato, PhD (President of FLAD) and Professor Patrícia Daehnhardt, PhD (IPRI-UNL).

Please send the application by mail to the IPRI-UNL address below along with the Application and all documents required in the Regulations.


The applications are open from July 15 to August 11.
Click here to open: Scholarship Regulations 2015
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For more information, please see our Regulations or contact: ipri@ipri.pt.


Send your application to:

Rua de D. Estefânia, nr. 195, 5º dto.
1000-155 Lisbon