FLAD Life Science 2020

FLAD is launching a call for 3-4 year project grants on basic and translational health sciences for researchers working in Portugal to develop a collaborative effort with researchers based in the USA. The objective of the FLAD grants is to increase the competitiveness of Portuguese research groups by providing support for collaborative research projects with leading USA groups. All research areas in biomedical sciences will be considered eligible for funding. A scientific committee provides FLAD with independent scientific coordination and advice. It is composed of the following experts:

Maria Manuel Mota, Instituto de Medicina Molecular, Portugal;
Rui Costa, Fundação Champalimaud, Portugal;
Sangeeta Bhatia, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA.


The applicant must hold an MD, PhD, or equivalent degree, and must be employed by a Portuguese institution (public non-profit, private non-profit, or government) engaged in health care and/or health-related research.
The applicant must have attained independence as a researcher, and sufficient information must be provided in the application to demonstrate the autonomy and scientific quality of the Portuguese research institution.
The applicant’s research institution must declare its support for the project, and describe the available resources to develop the project.
Detailed information will also be required on the proposed co-applicant(s) from US research institutions.
Eligibility is not restricted by citizenship.