FLAD Africa

FLAD Africa is a four-year program that will be developed in portuguese speaking countries, particularly in Mozambique, São Tomé, Cape Verde and Guinea Bissau. The main goal will be to reestablish FLAD’s presence in Africa with a program that addresses the current challenges facing both the African community and Portuguese representatives living in these countries or for those who want to be present in Africa.

The program will focus on the following:

a) Institution Building: Develop partnerships with humanitarian organizations and contribute to strengthen their actions in the communities where they are working;Cooperation Agreements with Portuguese NGOs in the region in order to reinforce their capacity to implement programs.

b) Capacity Building:

Implementation of professional training partnerships in fields such as health or IT, or in higher education in the field of governance. These partnerships should be developed between IEFP, Portuguese universities and their local affiliates;

Establish a shared scholarship package called Africa Advanced for African students to attend masters and PhD classes in American and Portuguese universities and institutions.

c) Access Africa

Establish a shared platform with access to information and data on local legislations, privileged investment sectors, and professional needs.