DEMO DAY – #3 STARTUP BRAGA/FLAD Acceleration Program: KIDE wins and gets 100k Investment by Caixa Capital. FLAD takes 4 startups to the US

O Administrador Executivo, Jorge Gabriel, durante a sua intervenção

FLAD’s Board Member, Jorge Gabriel, during his speech, with Carlos Oliveira, president of InvestBraga, on his right-hand side, among other participants

DEMO DAY – #3 STARTUP BRAGA/FLAD Acceleration Program took place on Tuesday, May 31st, 2016. The event was the culmination of four intensive months of a program that provided information and network abilities to the several startups for project development. Around 200 guests, investors, entrepreneurs, CEOs and company founders, attended the event.

According to FLAD’s Board Member, Jorge Gabriel, “it is clear that the success of the STARTUP BRAGA/FLAD Program is very encouraging”. Moreover, “the fact that, in only two years, 72 companies were incubated and 30 companies actively participated in this acceleration program shows the initiative’s impact”.

Also according to Jorge Gabriel, “the interest of the investors is clearly demonstrated in the more than 7 million euros gathered during these two years. We continue to believe that the acceleration programs are extremely important and that it is a truly innovative project, capable of making a difference”.

CRIAM, Mindprober, Homeit, Helppier, Kide, Magikbee, Fresh.Land, Wildsmile, By Cool and EZConferences were the ten startups that took part in the final test which consisted of a pitch in which they presented, not only to the community, but also showed the progress launched during the program. From this list, four startups were chosen – Magikbee, Helppier, Fresh.Land e Kide – to participate in a roadshow in the US promoted by the Luso-American Development Foundation.

FLAD’s Board Member, Jorge Gabriel, concluded: “All the work that it took FLAD to make this partnership with Startup Braga, fully sponsoring the roadshows to the US, is today as consistent and strong as it was in the beginning. The commitment that we made was surely as worthwhile on the first day as it is today”.

List of winners:
100k investments by CAIXA CAPITAL – Kide
USA Roadshow by FLAD – Kide, Magikbee, Helppier e Fresh.Land