Code of Conduct

The Luso-American Development Foundation (FLAD) was established in 1985 as a result of an agreement between the governments of Portugal and the United States of America to create an entity governed by private law and of public interest that would flexibly, autonomously and permanently promote and strengthen the relations between Portugal and the United States.

The founding Act – Decree-Law nr. 168/85, May 20 – which simultaneously granted it a statute of public interest, established that FLAD mission is to contribute to Portugal’s economic and social development through the promotion of the scientific, technological cultural, educational and corporate cooperation between Portugal and the United States of America.

In the course of its activities, FLAD guides itself by the highest ethical standards and expects its employees to conduct themselves professionally.

The current Code of Conduct, heretofore referred to as the Code, reflects these institutional values and provides a set of guiding principles that serves as a reference to its workers and governing bodies so that FLAD can be recognized as an example of integrity, responsibility and precision, in both its internal and its external relations. FLAD’s Governing Board approved this Code of Conduct on April 22, 2013.