The Luso-American Foundation is a Portuguese institution, created in May 20, 1985 (decree-law nr. 168/85). The Foundation aims at contributing to Portugal’s economic and social development through the promotion of the scientific, technological, cultural, educational, commercial and corporate cooperation between Portugal and the United States of America.

In order to achieve this goal, the Foundation will provide assistance to activities that promote the innovation of the Portuguese economy, the increase of investment and export levels, the advancement of corporate partnerships among the private sectors of both countries and, in general, support activities that promote adequate ways of cooperation between Portugal and the United States that are of mutual interest to both countries provided they fit into the strategic goals of the current economic and social plans of each country.

By Portuguese law, the Foundation was established as an entity governed by private law and of public interest, with autonomy in the continuance of its statutory purposes. Its bylaws were amended by decree-law nr. 45/88, February 11, 1988 and afterwards by decree-laws nr. 288/91, August 10, 1991, nr. 90/94, April 7, 1994 and nr. 107/13, July 31, 2013, to comply with the conditions for introducing the Foundation’s guidelines in the country’s global strategy for development and economic innovation.