[email protected] Grants” 2017

Grants to support oral presentations of conference papers in the USA This program aims at supporting the internationalization of scientific knowledge produced in Portugal. Posters presentations will not be accepted. The individual applicants to the Grants for the Presentation of >>

Read the new issue of WE Magazine: Mia Couto presides over the jury for the Eduardo Costley-White Award

The Luso-American Development Foundation’s WE Magazine is now available online and reveals that the Mozambican writer Mia Couto will preside over the jury for the Eduardo Costley-White Award recognizing new writers from Portuguese-speaking African Countries (PALOP). WE Magazine’s first half >>

Apply Now: Short-term research grants LADF/ DGLAB – ANTT|2016

The Luso-American Development Foundation (FLAD) carries out and sponsors actions for the promotion of the Portuguese Culture in the United States of America with the aim of establishing and intensifying the cultural and scientific interchange between both countries. The Portuguese >>