Ana Ventura Miranda’s movie, produced by the Arte Institute, opens June 26, at CCB


The Luso-American Development Foundation is a sponsor of the Arte Institute which is now proud to present the opening of the movie “Portuguese from Soho” in Lisbon, at the Centro Cultural de Belém (CCB), on June 23, at 9 pm. The documentary “Portuguese from Soho – a story that changed geography”, a movie by Ana Miranda, produced by the Arte Institute, tells the story of the Portuguese emigrants who arrived in Soho after World War II.

Through their stories, we discover the story of this neighborhood, located in the heart of Manhattan and of New York City. The documentary is intended to be the voice and the record of the lives of these Portuguese—making known to both Portuguese and American audiences a presence unknown to many.

Singer Rita Redshoes wrote the soundtrack of the film and writer José Luís Peixoto is the author of the script as well as the movie’s narrator.

Since its founding, the Arte Institute has promoted more than 550 artists and presented events in 29 cities in 15 countries on five continents. In 2015, there were 64 days of events all over the world.

To buy tickets, please contact: CCB | 21 361 2400
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